Roundup & Damaged Microbiomes

I’d like to share with you a youtube video I recently watched on the website of one of the labs I use frequently. It’s an interview with Dr. Stephanie Seneff, an MIT Research Scientist who found herself researching glyphosate in her quest to understand the growing prevalence of Autism in North America (about 1 in […]

Improving Digestion, One Bite at a Time!

When we think of eating healthy, we think of choosing foods that are fresh, local and organic, perhaps even eating more vegetables and fruits, getting enough protein and other beneficial macro and micro nutrients.  All these things are important in bringing us vital nutrients and optimal health; however, there is another step that is often […]

Healing Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Other Patterns

Abdominal bloating, pain, and acid reflux are some of the most common concerns that bring patients to a Naturopath’s office. The most common question I receive from patients experiencing regular digestive discomfort, is: “What food am I allergic to?” Well… What if it’s not about the food? 

Can Physical Activity Change our Mood Through our Gut?

Gut Microbiota The gut microbiota are microorganisms or bacteria that reside in our intestinal tract. Everyone has approximately 100 trillion microorganisms within their digestive system! Each person has a unique collection and assortment of these bacteria which are unique as our fingerprints. These gut bacteria play a fundamental role in shaping our metabolism, neuronal, and […]

Reducing the Symptoms of Allergies Through the Food You Eat

Allergy and asthma sufferers everywhere are ever looking for relief from their annoying symptoms of runny nose, watery eyes, allergy related asthma, nasal congestion, and itchy throat especially during this time of the year as we enter Spring and allergy season. Some of us have had allergies for as long as we can remember while […]

Lyme Disease Disconnect

Lyme Disease. I have a difficult time thinking of a more contentious health topic. The chronicity of the disease continues to be rejected by most of our medical professionals despite intense pressure from grassroots and non-profit organisations to remain more open minded about the thousands of Canadians suffering with chronic, debilitating symptoms.[i] Patients ask me: […]

Reducing Your Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

“Providing our body with nutritional and environmental support is crucial in allergy maintenance and symptom reduction. By gaining knowledge and applying what we learn everyday, we can successfully reduce allergy response. Imagine going through “allergy season” without all of those annoying symptoms that you usually experience every year! What would that be like? How would […]

Bacteria Controlling your Behaviour

Dr. Sonya Nobbe, ND Though integrative medicine professionals have educated patients about the bacteria in their digestive tract for decades, a recent explosion of research and media attention is bringing this medical game-changing understanding to public light: Our lives depend on these bacteria. We’re neglecting to care for them and now our healthcare system is […]