Community Acupuncture @ KIHC!

Ever wondered what acupuncture is like? Are you in pain, feeling down, irritable, not sleeping, always sick, stressed, trying to quit smoking, experiencing difficulties with digestion, unable to focus…acupuncture can help! In fact, acupuncture can help with most health concerns…please don’t be shy, drop-by and ask me!

Beginning May 27th every Monday from 4:30pm-6:30pm, I will be giving acupuncture treatments on a first-come, first-served basis at a cost of $30 per treatment (cash only please)…I’ll do my very best to accommodate everyone.

Acupuncture treatments are given and received in a community-type setting, meaning that we will all share the same space during treatment (keeping the cost of treatment much reduced). It’s a wonderful way to heal and connect with others (which can be healing in itself!).

Please bring a warm blanket if you tend to get chilled easily. Depending on your health concerns, you may be lying down or sitting comfortably during treatment. Please wear loose and comfortable clothing that can be easily rolled-up for access to acupuncture points along the arms and legs (where most needles are inserted…don’t worry, most other locations are off limits in a shared setting!).

Can’t wait to see you, and share acupuncture with you!


(If you’d like to let others know about effective, low-cost acupuncture options in Kingston, please share our pdf poster, available to download, here.)