Counselling is a process involving a therapist and a client working together to help the client form a better understanding of who they are, as well as the circumstances that currently face them. Counselling involves the client learning new skills and gathering resources in order to help them move towards a resolution to a current problem. Counselling also empowers the client to come up with creative solutions to future problems all on their own.

The counselling process is individualized depending on the client’s specific needs, and length of treatment varies depending on the goals of each individual. At all times, your counsellor will act as your non-judgmental support person, guiding you at each step along the way towards becoming a more resilient and resourceful version of yourself.

Counselling can be a great option for those feeling overwhelmed with everyday life concerns including relationship problems, breakups, self-esteem issues, grief and loss, life transitions, stress, or symptoms of anxiety and depression. It is generally distinguished from the regulated practice of psychotherapy in Ontario, which is primarily focused on the treatment of more serious mental disorders.