Online Video Counselling

Online video counselling is an affordable and convenient treatment option that offers similar benefits as in-person counselling but from the comfort of your home. Avoid transportation time and costs by meeting with your counsellor through the HIPAA-compliant video platform, VSee, which offers a safe, private and confidential online meeting space.

Lindsay will work with you to form a better understanding of yourself and your current circumstances. You will learn new skills and gather resources to help you move towards a resolution of your current problems. Lindsay will also work to empower you to come up with creative solutions to future problems all on your own.

Online video counselling can be a great option for those feeling overwhelmed with everyday life concerns, including concerns related to addiction, anxiety, depression, anger, bipolar disorder, breakups and divorce, chronic illness, disordered eating, grief and loss, life transition, school issues, self-esteem issues, and sleep problems.

To learn more about online video counselling, please visit Lindsay’s website or schedule a complimentary first session.