Heart Attack: The Energetic Science Component

~ Carol Belanger, BA, RM

Heart attacks involve interruption of the blood supply to or through the heart causing a shortage of oxygen supply and damage to heart muscle tissue. Symptoms of heart attacks can include chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations, sweating, nausea, vomiting, and anxiety. Symptoms sometimes occur over a period of time that are not noticed or ignored, resulting in later stage diagnosis.

From an energetic science standpoint, the client is often not grounded. Signs of not being grounded can include cold extremities, hyper or excitable personality characteristics, blood pressure irregularities, smaller lower body to larger upper body proportions, etc. A lack of grounding results in an individual feeling unstable, ‘not quite right’, and also a lack of balanced energy level. We need a full spectrum range of electromagnetic frequencies in the body for good health. The individual’s chest may be collapsed or flooded with energy causing imbalances in the rest of the body. Typically the heart vulnerable individual is used to using a forcing current or control that is relied upon to get things done without the ability to centre focus or intention with ease. Thus ‘dis-ease’ results and in this case weakens the heart and supporting structures.

Healing Science work supports individuals to work towards a positive attitude towards own health and attaining energy balance. Various aspects of the energy field are charged, strengthened and stabilized to support healthy heart function as well as healthy functional relationship with the other organs and systems of the body. Length and course of treatment for corrective action is dependent upon the individual tolerance and capacity for energy work, the general understanding of energy work and learning involved, and general willingness to shift lifestyle and perceptions towards stronger heart health. Together we work towards healthy heart and cardiovascular function and health in balance.