Homeopathic medicine is a complete system of medicine, with origins dating back to late 18th century Europe. Homeopathic medicine views the symptom expression in the individual as the guide from the inner healing mechanism of the body.  Symptoms tell the homeopath how the body is attempting to rid itself of the disease influence, and so the homeopath looks for a remedy that will support that natural process, thus facilitating the person in completing their own self-healing.  Homeopathy is useful in all ages and conditions, but due to its safety and non-toxicity, it is known as particularly beneficial for children, in pregnancy, the elderly, and those who are particularly sensitive to their environment- both energetically and physically.

Homeopathy is a regulated health profession in Ontario, under the College of Homeopaths of Ontario, and is recognized by the CRA as a medical expense.  Many extended health plans cover homeopathy when practiced by a licensed homeopath or naturopathic doctor.  An initial appointment for homeopathy is approximately 2 hours, and follow-ups range from 15-60 minutes.  At KIHC, homeopathic services are offered by Sarah Hutchinson, Hom.