Reduce Your Exposure

Cell and cordless phones

· Keep cell phones away from the body (e.g. not in your pocket or near your bed).

· Use speaker phone or text messaging when possible. Blue tooth attachments increase your EMR exposure so opt for an air-tube headset.

· Limit your exposure to cordless phones too, as these use similar frequencies as WiFi routers.

· Reduce how your phone communicates with cell towers by avoiding phone use when reception is poor and by using airplane mode more often.

Wireless Internet and Computers

· Use a wired landline for your internet or turn off the internet WiFi when not in use.

· Avoid setting a laptop computer on your lap. Use battery power over AC power and/or use a metal sheet (e.g. copper or Mu-Metal) under the laptop on the table.

· Use a wired mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc.

· Remain at least 1 metre away from the computer tower, surge protector, cables, etc.

Household Power

· Stand back 1 metre when using electronic devices (e.g. electric kettle, toaster, baby monitors), and opt for non-electric options where possible (e.g. toothbrush, blankets).

· Minimize electronics in the bedroom and turn devices off before going to sleep. Ideally sleep on a mattress that doesn’t contain metal (e.g. natural rubber latex). Avoid sleeping near sites of elevated EMR, including against a wall that’s beside a computer or electrical boxe.

· Keep your distance from hydro Smart Meters.

· Radiofrequency metres can be used to assess the level of frequencies in areas of your home. Readings higher than 50 uW/m2 should be blocked in areas where you spend a lot of time.

· Appliances turned off but still plugged in continue to emit some level of radiation.

Environmental Exposure

· Consider relocating to an area at least 1.25 metres away from high voltage power lines and 500 metres away from cell phone towers.
Consider forms of shielding (e.g. shielding paints in the bedroom for sensitive people, grounded metal sheets, RF film for windows).