Reiki & Bioenergy

Reiki and Bioenergy therapies are non-invasive techniques for addressing blockages and imbalances of energy that underlie many physical, emotional, and mental ailments. This type of work is gentle yet deep, and can be beneficial for any condition, including general stress relief, acute and chronic pain, emotional imbalances such as depression, and diseases including those of the immune system. During a treatment, the therapist uses their hands to clear, charge and balance energy. The treatment can be conducted with the client sitting, standing, or lying down as is comfortable, and the client remains fully clothed throughout.

Reiki and Bioenergy therapies at KIHC are conducted by Sarah Knight, who completed her training in Ireland with Plexus Bio Energy Ireland and Nikki Cutlar, Reiki Master. Sarah uses a combination of Reiki and Bioenergy techniques during treatments, which she tailors individually to suit the needs of the client.

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