Sarah Knight, Reiki Master and Bioenergy Practitioner

Sarah is a Reiki Master and Bioenergy practitioner, and has been immersed in a journey of energy healing since she began her training in 2006. She spent 15 years living in Ireland, and it was there that she received her teachings and set up her first practice. In the summer of 2015 she returned to Canada, and joined the team at KIHC.

Prior to starting down this path she was educated as a scientist, receiving a PhD in marine science and working for many years in this area. She has always had a tremendous appreciation for the natural environment, and certainly working in that area did further deepen that connection. But ultimately she reached a place where science couldn’t take her any further, and the natural next step for her was to move into the field of working with energy.

Reiki and Bioenergy are both methods for working with the energy systems that are an intricate part of every action and experience of our physical, mental and emotional bodies. Sarah is of the firm belief that all ailments of the mind and body have energetic roots, and it is on this premise that she bases her work in this area. Energy medicine can be used for any concern – including general relaxation and stress relief, physical pain and disease, mental imbalances including fear and anxiety, and emotional issues such as depression. Most often she combines both Reiki and Bioenergy techniques in her work, but every treatment is unique, and tailored to what is needed by the client.

In addition to her interest in working in this area she has a great passion for sharing the power of energy medicine and other forms of alternative healthcare, through articles and interviews. See her iTunes channel for a set of audio recordings of recent interviews she conducted with a variety of alternative medical practitioners. You can see more about her and her work on