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Concussions and Osteopathy

~ Graham Wiltshire, CAT(C), CSCS, DOMP (Thesis Writer)

I have been an Athletic Therapist for almost 17 years and treating osteopathically for 10 years. I have worked at all levels of sports from amateur to professional and have seen the trauma that causes concussions as well as treated people who have suffered from the effects of post-concussion syndrome.

While it has become common knowledge that concussions occur in sports, we are now recognizing that they occur, with increasing frequency, to the general public.

Osteopathy’s Role in the Management of Heart Disease

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by Graham Wiltshire, CAT(C), CSCS, DOMP (Thesis Writer)

As most of my patients know I am currently knee deep in my research to complete my thesis for the Canadian College of Osteopathy, the last step in my osteopathic education. I am working with researchers from Queens University, the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Hotel Dieu Hospital and Cardiologist Dr. Stephen LaHaye, to determine if osteopathy can improve the ability to exercise for people diagnosed with heart disease.

Osteopathy has been shown to benefit patients with a wide variety of cardiovascular diseases.