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Make My Pain Go Away…

What causes your headaches? Your menstrual cramping? Your arthritis flare-ups? The underlying cause of each must be vastly different, but most of us are likely to treat it the same way – with medications that block inflammation (i.e. anti-inflammatories). But is this good for us? Can it cause complications in the long-run?

What Exactly is Osteopathy?

Graham Wiltshire CAT(C), Osteopathy (Thesis Writer)

Osteopathy embraces the philosophy that the body has a natural ability to self-regulate and heal. The key factor that permits this is the body’s ability to circulate all of its fluids, including the blood, lymph, synovial fluid in joints, and cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the brain and spine.

Osteopathy focuses on obstructions that impede the circulation of fluids within the body. Blockages include

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