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What Happens Behind the Counter Stays Behind the Counter

Mrs. DK is one of my patients who is always on the run.

Every time she comes to the pharmacy, she drops off a prescription that contains at least 5 medications. The first question she always asks is, “How long will it take?”

No matter what time I give her, the expression on Mrs. DK’s face says, “Why would it take that long? Just print a label, slap it on the bottle, and give it to me! That’s it!”

From Counting to Communicating: How to Benefit from the Evolving Role of Your Pharmacist

When you have a question about your health or medication, who are you going to call first?

Probably your pharmacist.

Pharmacists consistently rank as one of the most trusted professions by Canadians. They are also the most accessible healthcare providers across the country and are often the first point of contact most Canadians have with the healthcare system.

Most of the questions I receive on a daily basis from my patients are questions about how to take their medications, what the expected side effects are, or how to take care of their health in general. These are questions I encourage all patients to ask. Here’s why:

Canadian medication safety experts have estimated that 98,000 deaths a year are attributed to preventable medical mistakes. That’s more deaths than those due to car accidents, breast cancer, or AIDS.

A Pharmacist? What! Why?

I stood behind the pharmacy’s drop-off counter, across from the 13-year-old and her dad, when I heard her ask, “Is he the cashier?”

“No, he’s the pharmacist,” her dad answered.

“Pharmacist? Is that a cashier who gives the drugs?”