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Avoid Sunscreen Hazards

skin care bravenetNot only is your skin your largest organ, but it is metabolically active, which means that it works hard to protect you from harmful external influences. Your skin contains many of the same enzymes present in your liver for chemical detoxification, and it houses immune cells that ward off pathogenic bacteria. Further, up to 65% of what you put on your skin may be absorbed into your bloodstream and lymph system. It’s important to choose your sunscreen carefully so that you can apply it liberally and often without concerns for your safety.  Follow these quick tips to protect you and your family this summer: 

Skin Cancer is Preventable

From the Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation:

Fact: Did you know that according to the World Health Organization (WHO) tanning beds are classified as “carcinogenic to humans”?

Skin Cancer is Preventable

Dr. Holly WhiteKnight, ND

Protect yourself from the sun this summer, and follow these tips to perform self-checks to help with early detection of possible skin cancer lesions:

Non-toxic Sunscreen for Kids

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Dr. Sonya Nobbe, ND

For years we’ve been taught that sunburns cause skin cancer and that sunscreens are protective. Did you know though that many agencies are now arguing that there is actually very little scientific evidence to prove that sunscreen prevents skin cancer, and that many ingredients in these products are quite harmful themselves? Though this may be very true, it’s most important to consider that a lack of evidence doesn’t prove ineffectiveness so that, simply put, it appears we simply lack the evidence to make an easy informed decision one way or the other. So what’s a parent to do?