Lindsay Dupuis, MA

Counsellor & Mindfulness Meditation Instructor

Lindsay Dupuis is a professional mental health counsellor who enjoys working with individuals affected by stress and burnout, symptoms of anxiety and depression, and everyday life concerns.

“I believe in getting to the root of whatever problem my clients are facing, and developing an individualized counselling plan to get them moving forward. Clients often benefit from working through their thinking styles and belief systems, re-authoring their personal stories, and identifying and developing a more authentic and adaptive part of themselves, which has often become lost in the stress of their busy lives. In doing so, I believe that just about anyone is capable of overcoming their greatest obstacles, and of becoming the best version of themselves.”

Lindsay graduated from the Psychology Specialist program at the University of Toronto with a minor in Canada’s only Buddhism, Psychology, and Mental Health program. She also graduated at the top of her class with a post-graduate diploma in Behavioural Science Technology, and she holds a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology.

Lindsay received specialized training in the Swedish Alnarp model of nature-based stress rehabilitation from world-renowned experts at the University of Copenhagen. She spent several months facilitating mindfulness training at an island therapy garden in Denmark where she led meditations on the beach, in the garden, in lofts of a barn, and in snow-covered forests. Lindsay has also taught mindfulness meditation to inmates within a maximum-security prison, and she currently teaches mindfulness via online video conferencing to employees of an international company all across the globe.

Lindsay is a professional member in good standing of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA). She enjoys practicing yoga, reading, painting, spending time in nature, and cooking for family and friends in her free time.

Feel free to read more about Lindsay’s practice, or read her monthly blog articles on her website: You can also contact her directly at: