Tarek Hussein, BScPhm, MBA, RPh, C.Mgr.

Clinical Pharmacist

Tarek is a clinical pharmacist, health management consultant, and manager of Weller Pharmacy, where he enjoys helping his clients in the prevention and management of disease.

When counselling his clients, Tarek assesses potentially unnecessary medications (deprescripting), and teaches his clients how to use medications safely and effectively, either alone or in combination with other medications, supplements and herbal products.

As the most accessible healthcare providers, Tarek believes that, “Pharmacists can play an integral role not only in medication management in the disease state, but also in the prevention of many chronic diseases. Pharmacists can help clients identify risk and provide client counselling including weight and diet management, exercise, and smoking.”

Prior to his current roles, Tarek founded and worked in several pharmacies in Kingston and the surrounding area, including Providence Care and Ongawanada hospitals. Tarek is a graduate of University of Toronto and IE Business School. He is a strong community leader who supports community organizations, and is a member of the Kingston Chamber of Commerce Advocacy Committee.

Tarek is a licensed pharmacist with the Ontario College of Pharmacists. He is a member of the Canadian Pharmacists Association, Ontario Pharmacists Association, Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists, Digital Health Canada, and the Canadian Institute of Management. He specializes in diabetes, smoking cessation, heart and lung diseases, mental health and addiction, and has a special interest in health quality and patient safety.