Technology and Energy

~ Sarah Knight, PhD, RM

Interacting with digital media can affect our energy systems. One immediate and noticeable impact of sitting in front of a screen is that it brings the attention away from the body and up to the head. Think about it – if you are engrossed in whatever you are doing on the computer you may even forget that you have a body! You become a floating head, perhaps with a set of arms if you are lucky. Where our attention goes our energy flows. So, “screen-time” often results in a feeling of being ungrounded. This feeling can manifest as irritation, oversensitivity, anxiety, or inability to concentrate.

Following on from screen-time, get back into your body, and get your sons and daughters to do the same. This doesn’t mean running straight for the gym (although a brisk walk is always good!). A very simple exercise is to breathe deeply, in through the nose and out through the mouth, while marching on the spot. Really! As little as 60 seconds of this exercise prior to asking your child to do their homework, eat their dinner, or visit their granny, will make them much more effective at whatever they do once they leave the screen – not to mention more pleasant to be around!

If computer usage is mandatory, for work or study reasons, then take periodic breaks to breathe and ground yourself – which means bringing your attention back to your body, in whatever way works for you. Setting an alarm to go off every 30 minutes may serve as a grounding reminder. Good posture is also helpful in this regard. Sitting up straight, with both feet firmly planted on the floor, will do wonders for keeping you grounded. Keeping your energy in your body means that you will think more clearly while you work, and feel better and more balanced once you are finished.