Welcome, Dr. Gerann Murphy, ND

Hippocrates once wrote ‘wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity’. I chose to be a naturopathic doctor because of my passion to help people achieve their full potential through wellness.

Many symptoms and medical conditions can be reversed or at the very least greatly improved through naturopathic medicine. You don’t have to be taking drugs indefinitely and/or feeling fatigued, achy, depressed, bloated, etc.

I offer treatment that is evidence-based, holistic, natural, safe and effective; and is specific to you and aimed at removing the cause of your symptoms or dis-ease. Beyond treatment, I teach you how to lead a healthy lifestyle so that you remain well into the future. In essence, my job is to put myself out of a job!

My medical practice is focused on family medicine, meaning that I’m comfortable treating health conditions for people of all ages. I treat digestive upset, reproductive concerns, heart disease, diabetes, stress, fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia, thyroid conditions, menopausal symptoms, menstrual irregularities, weight concerns, allergies, asthma, cancer, immune dysfunction, acute and chronic pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, prostate concerns, skin conditions, autism, ADHD and more.

I hold a Bachelor of Science from McGill University in Montreal and a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in Vancouver, where my training was received under the widest scope of practice for naturopathic doctors in Canada. I am licensed, with high standards, to practice naturopathic medicine in both Ontario by the Board of Directors of Drugless Therapy – Naturopathy (BDDT-N) and British Columbia by the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia (CNPBC).

I have a personal background in competitive sports and I’ve worked and volunteered abroad and across Canada for many years as a teacher and wildlife biologist. When I’m not seeing patients, I love to give talks on naturopathic medicine, practice yoga, run, enjoy the great outdoors and spend time with family and friends.

I’m very happy to be home in Kingston accepting patients at my medical practice. I think it’s important for you to be comfortable with your doctor, so I welcome you to a complimentary consultation where you can meet me and ask me any questions you may have. I very much look forward to seeing you!