Accessing Your Telemedicine (Video) Appointment

Video appointmentsTelemedicine (also known as telehealth), is new to many of us! We’re pleased to offer a variety of telephone and video options for current and new patients. Please continue to schedule your appointments online (via Jane), or by telephone or email with our receptionists (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday). Please see below for more information about accessing online and telephone options with your practitioner.

Risks and Benefits

Electronic communication comes with a unique set of risks compared to in-person appointments. Please read our Informed Consent for Communication by Email and Telehealth, and discuss any concerns directly with your health practitioner. When choosing telemedicine, some of the concerns to be particularly aware of include the privacy of the room you’re located in (e.g. whether at home, work, or in your car), and security of your computer or telephone, when communicating with your health practitioner. Some services or interventions that might be of benefit, such as a physical exam or biofeedback training, would not be possible during a telemedicine appointment.


Video Appointments

Unless otherwise indicated by your healthcare practitioner, we’re using Jane software – the same software that sends you your appointment reminders. It’s secure (compliant with privacy legislation), and comes without the need for additional passwords or downloads. About 30 minutes in advance of your scheduled time, the software will send you an email reminder that includes a link to your appointment. Click on the link and wait for your practitioner to “arrive”.

These videos generally work best on google chrome browser (desktops, laptops, and Android), or Safari on Apple devices (e.g. iphone, ipad). For more detailed instructions about accessing video appointments, please click here. Since about October 2022, ipad and iphone users no longer require an app to access their video appointment!


Telephone Appointments

If you’ve already arranged to have your practitioner telephone you, please know that you’ll still automatically receive an email with a link to a video appointment. Accessing a video appointment last minute can be helpful sometimes – but please just ignore that link and wait for your practitioner to telephone, if video just isn’t for you!


What if your Video doesn’t work?!

If your appointment time arrives and the technology isn’t cooperating – don’t worry! Just be sure that your telephone number is up-to-date in your Jane account and we’ll give you a call. We can easily complete the appointment by telephone and come up with a plan B for next time.


Paying for your Appointment

The next question many people ask is, “How do I pay, since I’m not there?” Most patients prefer to send us an e-transfer (to, or to call and pay with their Visa or Mastercard by telephone. Please ask our reception staff to email you a complete invoice for the service or items you’re paying for. If you expect to work with your practitioner predominantly by telehealth, you can also request that we set you up for online payments (via Stripe). (As a general rule, we don’t store credit card numbers. And please don’t send credit card information by email.)


Additional Tips for Preparing for Video Appointments:


1. To ensure high video quality and a strong connection during your appointment:

    • Turn off additional devices and programs that are using your Wi-Fi (such as Netflix, Youtube, or Facetime)
    • Consider hard-wiring (e.g. ethernet cable) your device or computer directly to the router
    • If you’re having trouble, restart your computer and close/shut down all unnecessary programs and apps


2. Which browser do you use? Most platforms are designed to work well with Google Chrome. Jane applications are possible on iphones and ipads (Safari) when you download the Jane app. (See above for links to more instructions.)


3. Before your first telemedicine appointment, conduct a “pre-call” or “diagnostic” test with Jane (or or Zoom):

    • Some browsers and phones require your permission to “share access” or “unblock” your camera and microphone (at least the first time). If you’re having trouble allowing access, try clearing your cache (in your browser settings) and restart your session. (This is sometimes necessary for Zoom users trying to access for the first time.)
    • Some pre-call tests help you ensure that your Wi-Fi signal is strong enough for a video consultation.


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