Musings Unprecedented TimesIn this unprecedented time of self isolation and suffering it is the opportunity to seize the moment. The monastery has come to us.

What to do:

Relish this period of slowing down to be here now. Explore the present moment. Every time you are aware you have leaned forward into the future or leaned back into the past; come back NOW to this exquisite moment before it slips away. What is present in the moment for you to See, Hear, Feel? How can this present moment support you?

General Romeo Delaire said on CBC radio yesterday in an interview:  “after the genocide even the birds stopped singing but today when I go out of my country house the birds are singing”.
The practice of meditation, mindful attention, presence to what is will connect us to something greater than ourselves helping to reduce our fear, anxiety and what if’s.  We are not in Control.

We live in a world of a dance between Source and Surface reality, a cosmic force of Expansion and Contraction, of good times and bad times. Of times to laugh and times to cry; and most of all Impermanence. This too shall pass.

We are magical beings capable of doing magical things.

Do good. Smile to yourself and others you are doing the best you can. Isolation is an act of self love and a global way of taking care of each other. This is an opportunity to be the Still Point.

Grandparents, as means allow, have an opportunity once again to help their children as suggested in one of our Prime Minister’s daily talks.

Let us remember the song “It is a Wonderful World”.

I heard yesterday from our elected officials that The Easter Bunny and The Tooth Fairy are not in isolation or quarantined as they are considered an “Essential Service”.

Happy Easter.

Jocelyne Leyton-Matthews, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner (Leave Of Absence)


Editor’s Note: We are so happy to have this guest post by Jocelyne, whom many of you may remember as our in-house meditation instructor and an essential part of our healthcare team, a few short years ago.  



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