Qigong Classes (November/December)

With Carol Belanger, BA, RM, BHS

10am to 11:15am, at KIHC
$50 for the 4 week series

4 Mondays: November 19th to December 10th
4 Fridays: November 16th to December 7th

The Lungs and Large Intestine program, as part of the 5 Element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong teachings. Focus will be on movements that strengthen and tone the lungs and large intestine organs and related systems of the body, and work with the Metal element and its associations.

Qigong is about the movement of energy or Qi. It is a self-inquiry practice that combines movements with breath, intention and focus. The whole body is included in the program with a special focus on the specific parts of the body each season. This promotes many health benefits and improvement in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. A greater enjoyment of health can provide greater peace of mind, less incidents of illness, better adaptability to stress, initiative to make changes and pro-health choices, and improve our interaction in relationships with friends and family, at work with co-workers. This often results in transformation which your practice of Qigong helps you to sustain. More energy in the body means the various parts and systems of our bodies can work better and can gradually maintain a higher energy level.

It requires some dedication to a practice, a commitment to the self which includes the desire to work towards wellness, an open-mindedness to help navigate new ways of being, and time to learn and grow with your practice. Each week you become more proficient with the series and gain a chance to deepen into the enjoyment and benefits the series provides. Expertise, teachings and guidance are given to provide a well-rounded experience.


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