Shake it Loose!

einstein energyIn my world, energy is everything.

Energy and mass are interchangeable (E=mc2). We are energy. Everything is energy. We are connected to everything around us through energy. Energy is a dynamic force, constantly in motion. We are immersed in it, drawing in fresh energy from the divine around us, and releasing energetic waste as required.

What happens when energetic free-flow becomes obstructed? Similar to your physical waste mechanisms, energetic waste needs to be cleared, and where it isn’t, stagnation and sickness can result. Physical malfunction has underlying energetic blockages.

So how does energy get blocked? Energy, life experiences, and emotions are so intertwined. Ideally, we would live in a world that supports the full processing of all of life’s experiences. Emotions are a bridge between the physical and energetic bodies, and emotional release is fundamental for efficient and complete energetic processing. Think about it…when emotions back up, we feel them in our physical bodies. Expressions like “heartache” and “gut-wrenching” paint a pretty clear picture of what sort of trauma has taken place, and where the energy is being held in the body.

When life brings trauma, whether large or small, there is an energetic process that needs to be fully worked through. In my experience as an energy therapist, I have discovered that the single best way to get energy flowing again is through movement. When the physical body starts to move the emotions that are held in deep places get stirred up, so movement is key for releasing held trauma and restoring proper energetic flow.  But I don’t just mean any old movement, I meant authentic physical action.

It is really very simple. Here are my favourite physical tools for energetic transformation:

1)      SHAKE! Stand up, plant your feet firmly on the floor, and gently bounce your body. Shake your shoulders, your arms. Wiggle your hips. Rock your head. Shake loose whatever it is that your body is holding on to so tightly. Shake for 5 minutes, or for an hour. The longer the shake, the deeper you can go, and the more you will release. After shaking for a while you may find yourself crying, shouting, or laughing, as the energy starts to move and your emotions are transformed. (There is an energy master in Bali named Ratu Bagus who leads a worldwide shaking movement for energetic release, see

2)      DANCE! Put on some music and let your body jump, wiggle, roll, or flail, in whatever way it wants to. This is not about looking pretty. It’s about getting ugly. Just like shaking, dancing authentically can shift mountains of stuck energy, freeing up emotions held deep in the body.

3)      PILLOW SCREAM! Yes, scream into a pillow, or into the air, just scream. All of those held emotions create incredible tension in the body and it is amazing what a good scream can do for shifting energy. If you aren’t sure where your scream is, start with little fake screams, grrrr’s, grunts. Pretty soon you’ll feel what really wants to come out.

When you feel heavy, stuck, depressed, contracted, held, or anxious, get up and move your body, use your voice, shake loose the build-up, transform the gunk, and then the light can pour right in just the way it is supposed to. If a river is so full of garbage, how ever will the water flow?

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