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Help needed: Join Our Team!

Our team is working hard to accommodate our patients, but we need help. We’re waiting for the right regulated health professional to join our team. Considerations to fill gaps in our care include a naturopathic doctor with a pediatric focus, another manual therapist, holistic dental practitioner, or nurse practitioner.

If you’re a healthcare professional already established elsewhere but interested in deeper collaboration with our team, we’d love to hear from you also!

Over 15 years, we’ve grown to support more than 10,000 patients. Many of our practitioners have been here for more than 10 years. Supporting each other in our work and loving our work environment is a key component of our success!

Please send all inquiries directly to Sonya.

Health Canada Fees for Natural Health Products: Patient action requested

Fees for Natural Health ProductsThough Health Canada’s deadline for public comment on its Proposed Fees for Natural Health Products (NHPs) has passed (August 10, 2023), I encourage you to continue to reach out to our Members of Parliament as this issue will be a topic of discussion when the House of Commons returns this fall.  The fees are being proposed as part of regulatory activities to recover costs of the NNHPD‘s regulatory activities.

Though we all benefit from regulatory oversight that ensures high quality natural health products, increasing fees on Natural Health Products is expected to significantly increase the cost of NHPs for the consumer. It’s very possible that these increased costs will put our smaller suppliers out of business entirely (while the larger manufacturers and distributors like Nestle, remain).

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Used stamps requested: Oxfam Stamp Out Hunger

Stamp out HungerHave you heard of Oxfam’s Stamp Out Hunger program? They’ve raised half-a-million dollars for international programs that address gender equality, rural health, and so much more!

We’re supporting this program for the month of March!

Bring in your used stamps and envelopes or old stamp collections and we’ll send them to Oxfam! (The collection box is in our waiting room.) Or if you’re a collector, take a look at their online auctions.

Satsang Meditation Group

Meditation“When meditation is mastered,

The mind is unwavering like the

Flame of a lamp in the windless place.

In the still mind,

In the depths of meditation,

The Self reveals itself.”

~ The Bhagavad Gita

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Let’s get growing, Kingston! Loving Spoonful launches Urban Agriculture

Loving SpoonfulThis excerpt is from the Loving Spoonful newsletter. We’re sharing it with you because, though challenging to see at first, our individual health is intimately tied to the health of our community and environment. Supporting local programs such as this one is part of our mandate and responsibility to you. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the inequities and vulnerabilities in our food system – as well as the limitations of the “food charity” model for addressing food insecurity. Loving Spoonful has been thinking about these questions for a long time, since well before this current crisis:

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Top 5 Healthy Experiments While in Isolation

Healthy ExperimentsThere are a few things I’ve always wanted to try, but there were always so many people around me, it would’ve been inconsiderate! Maybe you can relate? And if I only had a bit more time, there are activities I would enjoy learning and experimenting with from home. I’ve compiled a short list of healthy experiments here on the chance that they support your health in deeper ways during this challenging time.

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