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Chronic Symptoms? Let’s Fix Your Breathing

Breathing Pattern DisorderIn many ways, your breathing pattern reflects your health status and health resiliency. It’s a gateway to your nervous system, cardiovascular system, and your body’s biological homeostatic mechanisms (how the body maintains balance). A Breathing Pattern Disorder can be subtle but extremely impactful: They show up in a variety of seemingly disparate symptoms and undermine many people’s attempts to heal chronic illness. Addressing Breathing Pattern Disorders is one very important way we can strengthen your entire body and help you heal.


Symptoms of a Breathing Pattern Disorder

People with a Breathing Pattern Disorder often experience a few of these symptoms:

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Post-Viral Fatigue, “Long-haulers”, and Acupuncture

Post-viral fatigueRespiratory viruses don’t cause chronic fatigue. Or at least that was the prevailing conventional wisdom before this pandemic and subsequent research that identifies somewhere between 10 and 60% of people with lingering symptoms 6 or more months following COVID-19 infection. We call this “Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2” (PASC). For the millions of people diagnosed with “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”, “Fibromyalgia”, or even “Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome” (POTS) – all of unknown cause – the mainstream recognition of post-viral causes of fatigue might be accompanied by a sense of relief and hope: “Is this the cause of my symptoms too?”

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It’s not Lyme: It’s Mold Illness

Mold IllnessMany of my patients think it’s their Lyme symptoms returning when in fact, it’s a developing mycotoxin or mold illness.

Fungus is a healthy part of our bodies and microbiome. However, some molds in our environment generate toxic chemicals (mycotoxins and volatile organic compounds) that trigger allergic reactions, toxic responses, and immune system dysfunction. It’s a somewhat common condition for people who are also susceptible to stealth infections and chronic fatigue.

Symptoms of mold illness can mimic many other illnesses. Use this questionnaire to help you decide whether further testing is warranted.

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Are you sensitive to electromagnetic fields?

Electromagnetic FieldsMany people still assume that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by their devices (cell phones, computers and ipads, etc.) are completely harmless. This conventional believe persists despite thousands of research studies that identify EMFs as an obstacle to the body’s natural repair mechanisms.[1] If preventive health is a priority for you or if you have chronic illness of any kind, then EMFs should concern you. If you think you might have symptoms that are caused by EMFs, please continue reading!

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A Breath of Fresh Air

This Earth Day, let’s explore healthy breathing and gratitude for fresh, clean air!

What are Breathing Pattern Disorders?

Breathing pattern disorders (BPDs) include a range of abnormal respiratory patterns, such as shallow breathing from our upper chest, or hyperventilation, where we breathe too quickly. Breathing dysfunctions impact our energy levels, mental clarity, chronic pain conditions, and overall wellbeing.

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Resolving Insomnia

Apparently, the world record for the longest time staying awake, achieved by a teenager in in the 1960s, is 11 consecutive days. Can you imagine how awful he must have felt? How irritable, illogical, and accident-prone, he must’ve been? Even chronic, small bits of sleep deprivation are associated with development and progression of chronic illness, and about twice the risk of a car accident. And yet,

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Are Your Hormones Making You Tired?

sore throat, shown red, keep handed, isolated on white background

Fatigue and low energy is one of the most common concerns that patients come to see me for. Sometimes the fatigue is a new symptom but for the majority of people, it is something they have been struggling with for years. In many cases it presents itself gradually, like a slow but steady decline.  Now they find themselves with so little energy they can’t do the activities that they want and it is affecting their quality of life. There are many different root causes for low energy but one’s hormonal state is usually a major player. I want to briefly cover two hormonal issues that can lead to low energy.

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Insomnia Disorder

Hispanic woman looking at alarm clock

According to the Canadian Sleep Society, up to 40% of Canadians have insomnia symptoms and up to 13% qualify as having a sleep disorder. Generally speaking, if you’re distressed by poor sleep at least 3 nights a week for a minimum of 3 months, and there is no obvious explanation for your sleep problem (such as a drug side-effect or crying infant), then you qualify as having insomnia disorder. 

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B12 Deficiency: A Hidden Epidemic

b12Dr. Angela Hunt ND

For a while now, we in the north have known that vitamin D deficiencies are common in our society. It is recommended that all Canadians take 600 IU daily of the sunshine vitamin to maintain general health[i]. Health Canada also stopped screening for vitamin D deficiencies in the general public because everyone was showing up to be deficient[ii]. However, as our society works to keep their vitamin D levels up, another common vitamin deficiency could be going under the radar. Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that plays a key role in nerve function, energy, memory, and thought processing.  As important as Vitamin B12 is, our screening methods in Canada could be missing most deficiencies.

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