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Myths of Perimenopause

by Dr Angela Hunt ND


Debunking common myths about perimenopause:

We use the term menopause to mark the end of hormone production by a woman’s ovaries and the permanent end of her menstrual cycle. Perimenopause precedes menopause, and is characterized by irregular periods, hot flashes, mood swings, and various other symptoms related to a decline in ovarian hormone production. Initially, progesterone levels decrease, followed by estrogen. This hormonal shift can make perimenopause symptomatic for many women. Let’s debunk some common myths about perimenopause:

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Spiritual Changes During Menopause

Spiritual Transitions during MenopauseShamanic healers from around the world offer a different perspective of what it means for a woman to transition from a regular menstrual cycle and fertility, through to menopause. I asked our shamanic practitioner, Lisa Sabatini, to share her insight with us.


Why is it important to embrace the spiritual aspects of transition through menopause? 

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Hormones at sea  – Part 1: peri-menopause, heavy bleeding and fibroids

Perimenopause heavy bleeding

As an ND who focuses on women’s health in my practice, it is not uncommon for me to see patients in their late 30s or early 40s complaining of heavy, frequent periods. Often these are accompanied by other frustrating symptoms such as painful cramping, breast tenderness, headaches, insomnia, and irritability. As annoying as these symptoms are, however, heavy bleeding is the one most likely to cause serious problems with anemia or blood loss, and potentially lead to recommendations for uterine ablation or hysterectomy. In the meantime, women may be prescribed hormone replacement therapies such as hormone based IUDs, the ‘pill’ or HRT, which can themselves cause other adverse effects.

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Your Limitless Living Community

Here’s the online community you’ve been searching for to support and encourage you to be the best you can be. Annual membership includes weekly coaching videos (intuitive eating, movement, motivation, strength training that makes sense), all designed to help women feel stronger, happier, and healthier. Their tool kit includes dozens of perks and offers from local businesses with mandates that align with these ideals. Limitless Living has only recently launched in Kingston and we’re so happy to be a part of this passionate, inspiring, and genuine community. Please check out their website or Facebook page.

Menopause 101

 Menopause is a natural phase of a woman’s life but many of us aren’t clear about what is going on in our bodies during this time. Did you know that menopausal symptoms can begin as early as 35 years of age? Do you know what health conditions women are at increased risk for post-menopause? This seminar will go through it all.

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Bio-Identical Hormones

Bio-identical hormones offer treatment options for menopausal symptoms such as insomnia and anxiety. They are considered a safer alternative to synthetic hormones but do carry their own risk. If you are considering hormonal therapy of any kind this talk is for you. Dr. Angela Hunt, Naturopathic Doctor, will be discussing all the ins and outs of bio-identical hormonal therapy. Come have your questions answered and find out if this treatment option could work for you.

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Want Stronger Bones? Get Vitamin K2

Body Atlas, Human pelvic area

When it comes to bone health, calcium and vitamin D3 are considered “must have” vitamins but it appears there is a new kid in town that could be just as essential. Vitamin K2 has been in the spotlight for osteoporosis (i.e. degeneration of bones) research for the last two decades and there is a lot to say about it. Not to be mistaken for its very close relative Vitamin K1, which plays a significant role in blood clotting, vitamin K2 seems to make our bones stronger.

A report from the Nurses Health Study showed that women supplementing with at least 110 mcg of K2 are 30 % LESS likely to break a hip than women who aren’t supplementing[1].

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Bio-Identical Hormones Information Session

Angela HuntBio-identical hormones offer treatment options for menopausal symptoms such as insomnia and anxiety. They also play a role in men’s health, and fertility. Dr. Angela Hunt, Naturopathic Doctor at KIHC, is pleased to announce the addition of bio-identical hormone prescriptions to her practice. For more information, please attend her complimentary information session next month, or visit our facebook page. Call or email to reserve your spot – registration is required for this event.

Tuesday September 27th, 7:00pm

Free Admission

Workshop Space at KIHC

Acupuncture for Hot Flashes

AcupunctureAn incredible amount of literature exists to support the effectiveness of acupuncture for menopausal symptoms including hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, and insomnia. One recent study of 209 peri-menopausal women found that acupuncture for 6 months reduced uncomfortable symptoms by more than a third. These benefits persisted for more than 6 months after discontinuing treatment. Another paper analyzed 104 studies totalling 869 women, and found that acupuncture effectively decreased severity and frequency of menopausal symptoms for at least 3 months.

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Menopause: Navigating it Naturally

Menopause natural treatmentLet us start this off by reminding everyone that menopause is NOT a disease but a natural cycle in a woman’s life. This life cycle can be a bit rough for some, but there are ways to navigate through it more easily. The definition of menopause is one full year without any menstruation[i]. It is important to note that numerous women start to experience menopausal symptoms even before their period has completely stopped, a time called “peri-menopause”. Peri-menopause can start up to a decade before menstruation stops, making this whole process a drawn out affair. I want to cover some of the natural options women have for managing symptoms during their menopausal years but first, let’s review the most common symptoms. 

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