Why learn Reiki?

reiki-sarahClose your eyes, and bring your attention to the palms of your hands. Most likely you will almost immediately feel them warming, and might notice a tingling or electric sensation. If you now put your hands anywhere on your body – your tummy or heart is a good place to start – you may feel that warming, soothing sensation enter your body. This is healing energy, and the truth is, we ALL have access to healing energies, ALL of the time. But through lack of use, just like a muscle that spends too long at rest, this ability atrophies. Attention can waken up this ability, and training from a qualified teacher can hone and strengthen it while bringing forth a memory deeply buried in your cells of how to use this healing energy.

Although the universe is full of healing energies, human beings have been gifted with the use of a healing ray that seems to be particularly aligned with our human experience. This is Reiki. As an energy practitioner I can attest to the deeply healing and transformative qualities of Reiki, and I feel quite strongly that the world would be a much healthier and happier place if we were all initiated to use this very special healing ray.

The first stage of learning Reiki, Reiki level 1, can be taught in a weekend. The teachings include an initiation ceremony where students’ energy bodies are opened up to be able to accept and channel Reiki. The rest of the weekend is learning procedures and hand placements for healing the self and others.

I took my level 1 training almost 10 years ago, and it was a fundamental part of my healing journey. For me, and for many people that take level 1, it is about using Reiki to heal the self. To this day, there is nothing so deeply loving that I can do for myself than simply call on the Reiki energy and place my hands on my body. It feels like the touch of the universal mother, and goes straight to the core of my being. It is also very satisfying to have something so pure and deep to offer to loved ones.

Whether or not a student follows on to do the other levels of Reiki is a matter of choice, but Reiki Level 1 will remain a gift that can be used for a lifetime.

Sarah Knight is offering a Reiki Level 1 Initiation and Teaching weekend March 25th and 26th. humhealing@gmail.com for details.



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