Sarah Knight, PhD

Reiki practitioner

In the 9 years preceding her move to Kingston, Sarah Knight trained as a Reiki Master and Bioenergy practitioner from her home in Ireland. Prior to this, she was educated as a scientist, receiving a PhD in marine science and working for many years in this area.

“Energy is an intricate part of every action and experience of our physical, mental and emotional bodies, and working on this level can be truly transformative. Energy work has been the foundation of my own healing journey, and has led me to regain my health after being diagnosed with an illness from which I was told I would never recover. After 9 years of training and practice I am very grateful to be providing the type of work that I myself have gotten so much out of.  It is a privilege to work with someone’s energy system.”

Energy medicine can be used for any health concern, from acute stress to chronic physical pain and disease.  Sarah combines both Reiki and Bioenergy techniques, tailoring each treatment to the needs of the client. She also has an interest in sharing the power of energy medicine and other forms of complementary healthcare, through her iTunes channel, workshops, and articles.

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