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Osteopathic Manual Practitioners (DOMPs) recognize that the source of pain or discomfort is often located distant to where the pain is felt. Their goals include addressing the underlying causes of discomfort for lasting symptom relief. 

Osteopathic Manual Practitioners apply a unique and sensitive sense of touch known as Osteopathic Palpation, to the treatment of soft tissues, joints, the skull, and internal organs. They work to gently ease restricted or constricted areas of the body, to optimize movement of the body’s fluids (such as blood and lymph), which supports the body’s natural healing capacity.

Osteopathy can be applied to all health conditions, including chronic pain or inflammation, concussions, injury, neurological conditions, lung and heart conditions, and digestive disorders. It can be an important adjunctive therapy before and after surgery. 

Initial Osteopathic appointments last up to 2 hours and include a full assessment and treatment. Follow-up appointments are generally 1-hour and are scheduled according to your particular healthcare needs. Patients are encouraged to bring or wear light-weight and comfortable clothing for their treatment.

In Ontario, there is no government-defined training or scope of practice for Osteopathic Manual Practitioners. Most Osteopathic schools strive to achieve guidelines set out by the World Health Organization, but education programs and osteopathic approaches vary widely. Because DOMPs are not registered or licensed by the province of Ontario, some insurance companies require that your DOMP maintain membership with particular professional associations, such as the Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners (OAO). Memberships and training of all KIHC practitioners can be found on our “Meet Our Team” page.

Please also see our FAQ page for more information.


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