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Group Classes at KIHC

We don’t always think about relationships as the essential ingredient to taking our health a step forward. However, connecting with a good teacher and with other people who relate to our experience and how we’re feeling, offers numerous opportunities for improved wellbeing.

What are group classes?

These small classes are facilitated by a KIHC healthcare provider for their patients. Class “teachers” carefully design their learning material and create treatment plans for each class participant, based on the participant’s personal health history and relationship with their healthcare provider. Your classmates will likely share similar health concerns or goals as you do.

How are group classes structured?

Each class series generally runs for 4 to 6 classes over as many months and recur two to three times a year. Participants ideally join the series on the first class, though in some cases you might be able to make up a class in a one-on-one consult with your practitioner.

Who can join these classes?

Participants must be KIHC clients and most often must be a patient of the facilitating healthcare provider (the class teacher). The healthcare provider must have access to your health history so that they can offer tailored treatment advice. Rules for each class series are a little bit different, so please email the class healthcare provider directly if you’re unsure.  

What fees are associated with a group class?

Group classes are one way we can make integrative healthcare more accessible for our community. This structure allows your healthcare provider to offer specialized information for less than the fee associated with a one-on-one consultation. Each class is invoiced separately and includes your practitioner’s credentials so that classes are eligible for insurance coverage. (Please check with your insurance provider directly.) Fees vary depending on the healthcare provider facilitating the group class.  

What if I miss a class?

Subsequent classes often build on information learned in prior classes, so missing a class isn’t ideal, but we understand that some absences just aren’t avoidable! Please follow our standard cancellation policies and send your practitioner 24-hours’ notice of your intention not to attend class. Much like your one-on-one healthcare appointments, you are only invoiced for classes you attend and for classes you miss with less than 24-hours’ cancellation notice.

Ongoing classes at KIHC:

Menopause Group Classes with Dr. Angela Hunt, Naturopathic Doctor

Breathing Assessment & Treatment with Christine Campbell, Physiotherapist

Ready to get started?

Please visit our blog for up-to-date details about current group classes, or email the class healthcare practitioner directly with your questions.


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