Courtney O’Connor, RHN

Holistic Nutritionist

Courtney is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a passion for family health and wellness! She particularly enjoys working with clients who have the following goals or concerns:

– Children, teenagers, and their families working hard to create a vibrant, healthy home through positive relationships with food

– Adults who connect strongly to sugar and need help kicking the habit

– People who are new to nutrition but ready to develop healthy eating habits

– People who have some nutrition knowledge but would like additional in-home support with meal planning and preparation

– People with food sensitivities or digestive concerns who are confused about what or how to eat well

– People who would benefit from a Coach who keeps them accountable and on track to reach their health goals

Courtney’s focus in on getting to the root of health challenges and restoring balance with whole foods, supplements and lifestyle changes. She supports her clients through a variety of in-person or online one-on-one coaching sessions, accountability appointments, online and social media programs, workshops, and in-home visits. Follow Courtney on Facebook for healthy eating tips and recipes, and for up-to-date information about her Sugar Detox workshops and Break Through Your Weight Plateau program.

Healthy families require healthy communities! You’ll find Courtney actively participating in a variety of community programs, including as a facilitator for Loyalist Township health and recreation programs and as a mentor for student interns enrolled in the Fitness and Health Promotion program at St. Lawrence College.

Courtney is a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.


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