Sarah Knight, PhD

Family Constellations facilitator

Sarah Knight is a Tera Mai™ Reiki Master, Bioenergy practitioner, and Family Constellations facilitator.

Sarah also has a background in science. Always drawn to energy and flow, she earned a PhD in Oceanography and worked in marine and environmental education for many years in Ireland, on the shores of the Northeast Atlantic ocean. She continues to carry the medicine of these waters deeply and brings forward her teachings from the waters of those shores into her healing work.

Working on an energetic level supports the healing of any health concern, from acute stress to chronic physical pain and disease. Sarah combines all the techniques she has learned with her own carefully honed skills of intuition and dialoging with the body, tailoring each treatment to the needs of the client.

Sarah regularly offers group Reiki training, Family Constellations group healing circles, and energy exercise programs. Learn more at or by contacting Sarah at


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