Energy Tips for Your Spleen

By Sarah Knight, PhD, RM, EuBP
Energy Therapist

The spleen is an often overlooked little organ. At about 4 inches long, it lies in behind your rib cage on the upper left hand side of your abdomen, towards the back. It plays several roles in immune function by filtering the blood, and by producing some types of white blood cells that fight infection in the body.

If you are feeling run down, or fighting off a cold, you can keep your spleen strong using simple energy medicine techniques.

– “Hold” your spleen: First place your hands on the left side of your body, on your ribcage, beneath your breast or pectoral muscle, wrapping your hands around the side of your ribs. Then smile and breathe into this area, sending gratitude to the spleen, and visualizing light and healing flowing to it.

– Trace the spleen meridian: The major line of energy flowing in your body that supports the spleen is called a meridian. This line runs from the big toe, up the inside of your leg, flaring out slightly at the hip, straight up to the armpit, and back down the side of the ribcage another 2 or 3 inches. You can trace this meridian, on each side of your body, using your finger tips or the palm of your hands. Trace from the start point at the big toe, to the end point on the side of the rib cage, and imagine that you are strengthening this line and drawing out any stagnant energy (Images showing location of spleen meridian on

– Spleen energy is warm and comforting, and simply having the intention of sending this type of gentle, nurturing energy to any area of your body will support the function of the spleen.

These techniques are also helpful where any type of immune imbalance exists.