Energetic Blockages: The Low-Down

iStock_tulipsEnergy healing works on the entire system, and can affect people on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

It is my belief that energy stagnancies and blockages underlay all other complaints and conditions. Occasionally an energetic blockage results from a physical trauma, such as an accident or fall for example, but most often the blockage precedes the manifestation of physical or mental pain, discomfort or disease. How long the blockage sits there, the nature of its origin, an individual’s personal and ancestral health history, and where the blockage sits in the system, are just some of the factors that will affect how it manifests in any one person’s mind or body.

The earlier an energetic stagnancy is addressed, generally the easier it is to shift. How do you know if you have an issue with your energy? Often, you just know! That feeling of something not being quite right, of being “out of sorts”. Emotions and energy are so intertwined, so having an emotional backlog or unprocessed trauma means that there is also an energetic component at play. The longer an energetic blockage is left, the more it roots in the system, so physical and mental complaints may then start to make themselves known if the problem is not addressed.

When clients come to see me, sometimes energy work is all that they need in that moment to shift whatever is happening in their systems. I have seen energy healings work deeply for people suffering from depression, anxiety, headaches, muscular pain and tension, digestive disorders, sciatica, hypersensitivity issues, and more deeply rooted autoimmune conditions like fibromyalgia and lupus. In such cases the individual’s system, and their personal healing journey, were in a place where work was required on an energetic level to create a shift, and the timing and nature of the energy sessions allowed for deep healing to happen.

The beauty of working in an integrated healthcare setting, like KIHC, is that sometimes, for some people, a number of different modalities may be required to get a system back in to balance. Where an energetic blockage has existed for a longer period of time, a physical malformation that may have resulted might require a session with one of the physical therapists for massage, cranial sacral therapy, osteopathy, or physiotherapy. And the reverse is true. Sometimes physical work can shift things only so far before an energy healing session is required to move an underlying energetic blockage.  I also share a number of clients with the naturopathic doctors in the clinic, as energy healing can address why a system may be inclined towards a mineral deficiency for example, but nutritional supplementation may still be required to bring the physical body back to where it should be. Sometimes the ND’s find a client reaches a “plateau” in their physical healing, and recommend energy sessions to support their shift to the next level.

Whether you are looking for spiritual growth, support in personal development, or healing of emotional, mental or physical issues, the time is always right to work on your energy body, and the team at KIHC are always there to support healing on every level.

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