Healthy Human Electromagnetic Frequency (Energy) vs. Electromagnetic Frequency Pollution

~ Carol Belanger, BA, RM, BHS

Humans are composed of and influenced by energy. We usually express energy as having too much (hyper) or too little (fatigued) and not as electromagnetic frequency. All of the systems of our body use energy to function. A fluctuating energy level is normal, we naturally move between having greater and lesser amounts of energy in our daily life. Energy is measured electromagnetically. Some of the equipment used to measure our energy includes the EEG and EKG for nerve, brain, and heart function, and various other electrodiagnostic equipment.

Some of the positive influences on our energy level include how much and what types of food we eat, how much rest and activity we choose, how much water we drink, amount of sunshine we take in, how we handle our interactions and relationships with others, and many more influences. Our energy level waxes and wanes in intensity and strength because of these influences.

However, the comforts and necessities of today’s society (cell phones, computers, microwaves, TV, radio, etc. whose frequency is in the range of 107 – 109 Hz and greater) are emitting electromagnetic pollution at an alarming rate. This pollution continuously bombards our body’s frequency which not only reduces its capability to heal and defend itself, but diminishes one’s strength, balance and healthy energy level. “Electromagnetic (EMF) pollution may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century. [It’s] all the more dangerous because it is an invisible toxin,” states Dr. Andrew Weil, a well-known natural health expert.

Within the healing context, human energy (healthy electromagnetic frequency) has been measured at around 8 Hz, which is also the natural resonate frequency of Earth. The influence of this natural state is more commonly referred to as ‘grounding’ or field coupling between the healing state and earth frequency. A healer’s work is to restructure, balance and charge the energetic resonance of the human field, in sync with the earth field, partially through entrainment.

There is an increasing amount of attention being paid to diminishing the harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution on a global scale. In our own environment, we can choose to reduce our use and exposure to the technology polluters (cellphones, computers, etc.). We can increase our choice of energy inputs (energizing food choices, adequate water intake, sunshine, etc.), and balance our energy output level (activities) with rest. This not only increases our energy level, but reduces stress, promotes balance in our field, and helps to strengthen every system of our body, further helping to increase our resistance to harmful EMFs.

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