Introducing Our Private Mindfulness Meditation Training Sessions

How It Changed My Life, and How It Can Change Yours, Too

No matter where I go or what I’m faced with in this life, one consistency that I find myself with is my ability to turn inward – not in a self-destructive way (although, admittedly, this does happen from time to time), but in a way that allows me to befriend, get to know, and take care of myself like I would my own best friend, a loved one, or my very own child. It’s a sense of compassion that allows me to look inward with genuine interest and whole-hearted attunement, asking myself what I’m really feeling underneath all the chaos of life, what self- or other destructive thoughts are threatening to consume me, and what I feel the urge to do vs. what I truly need to do in order to best take care of myself. Turning inward in this way raises an awareness (a higher consciousness, if you will) of how I am coping, as well as how I might be relating to, and affecting, those around me (near and far, known and unknown). It’s a skill that doesn’t always come easily or naturally, but it’s a skill that can be learned and cultivated over time. Essentially, it’s a way of life that has a tremendous impact on the way one relates to the world around them, and allows for gratitude and appreciation of the simplest things, even when all else seems lost. It’s a gift that has significantly changed my life (and continues to change my life), and is a gift that I wish to share with you, too…

This gift is the quality of mindfulness.

Defined by John Kabat-Zinn as “the awareness that emerges through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally” mindfulness is a way of being that has been practiced for possibly thousands of years across numerous cultures and various religious traditions. More recently, it was introduced in the west as a therapeutic (non-religious) application with many psychological and health benefits, which include:

  • regulating emotions
  • reducing negativity
  • lowering stress reactivity
  • improving concentration
  • improving relationships
  • increasing problem-solving abilities
  • diminishing low mood
  • enhancing the body’s ability to heal
  • enhancing the body’s immune response

Mindfulness techniques are often applied as part of the individual counselling work that I do with my clients, but now I am happy to offer Private Mindfulness Meditation Training sessions as a means of sharing my knowledge and experience through in-depth, one-on-one instruction, rooted in the practice of formal meditation.

Mindfulness meditation is something I truly enjoy sharing with others. I have been lucky enough to complete Canada’s only university program in Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health, attending such courses as “The Science of Mindfulness Meditation” and “Buddhist Psychology,” meditating in class, and participating in field trips such as seeing the Dali Lama speak upon his visit to Canada.

I have taught mindfulness meditation to mentally ill inmates within the walls of a maximum-security prison, and I have facilitated mindfulness training at an island therapy garden in Denmark as part of the Swedish Alnarp model of nature-based stress rehabilitation, while under the supervision of mindfulness-based therapy experts at the University of Copenhagen.

It is through my training and years of personal meditation experience that I am happy to begin teaching you as a means of your own personal growth right here and right now. After all, this is the only time that we really have.

I look forward to begin our work together. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to learn about how to get started, or if you would like to book a complementary 15-minute consultation to ask any question that you have about the practice.

I hope to see you very soon!

All the best,

– Lindsay

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