IV Nutrient Therapy and Cardiovascular Disease: Did you know?

by Dr. Jennifer Wheeler, ND

Intravenous magnesium:
 was found to be as effective as oral anti-hypertensive medication in one study
 can inhibit blood clot formation by about 35%
 dilates blood vessels in the brain and is currently being researched as a treatment after a stroke
 is one of the few safe treatments for hypertension in pregnancy
 is used as a treatment for some types of arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat)
 is likely to be even more effective than oral magnesium in its ability to improve heart cell function, cardiac output and vascular tone!

Intravenous vitamin C:
 reduces inflammation inside the blood vessels by reducing oxidative stress
 protects the inner lining (endothelial layer) of the blood vessels
 may help prevent damage to the heart muscle after a heart attack
 shown to help prevent oxidative damage caused by being on oxygen therapy
 helps improve blood vessel functioning in untreated sleep apnea
 increases nitric oxide availability and helps dilate blood vessels
 helps “re-set” the baroreceptors that are responsible for blood pressure control
 confers many benefits not seen with oral vitamin C!


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