KIHC Welcomes Courtney, Holistic Nutritionist

Courtney smHi! I’m Courtney O’Connor the newest addition to the KIHC team. I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who has a passion to see people fulfill their highest health potential. I am very excited to have the opportunity to serve and to assist you in reaching your health goals through a holistic approach. When our bodies are healthy, balanced and working in harmony, we are free to enjoy life to the fullest. We can focus on sharing our unique gifts and talents with the world and to be of greater service.

Holistic Nutrition is a modality in which client’s health is addressed from a whole person perspective; mind, body, and, spirit, using whole foods and complementary therapies. The mind, body and spirit are all connected and we aim to thrive in each area for optimal health.

Many of our modern-day ailments can be dramatically improved, prevented and even reversed using tools that nature has provided. When our bodies are supported by foundational nutrients they can improve in function and in turn give our body more vitality and energy to sustain us in the day to day grind.

Our bodies are amazing organisms that intuitively know how to repair themselves, but they must be given the right nutrients in order to do this. Ask yourself, what am I feeding my body so it can perform its best? What foods will provide the most return on investment in the form of energy? The answer is nutrient dense, whole foods. These foods have the most complete source of nutrients that will fill your nutrient requirements, leave you feeling full for longer and increase your energy levels. Whole foods are foods that are unaltered, unrefined or striped of their nutrient base. They are consumed in the form closest to how nature created them. Examples of whole foods would be vegetables, nuts/seeds, legumes, wholegrains, and eggs. My challenge for you this week is to replace a processed food with a whole food version. If you are eating liquid egg, have a farm fresh, whole egg instead. If you are eating canned vegetables, exchange it for a fresh option.

Changing our dietary habits take time and patience. If we change and replace our foods slowly with healthier versions, we will eventually start to notice a difference in the quality of our energy and overall health. Sometimes the little adjustments make the most impact.

For more information about Courtney, please visit her website,

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