Meaningful Holiday Gift Ideas

Dr. Sonya Nobbe, ND

We’ve put our heads together to come up with some gift ideas that we hope you can feel really good about! These gifts are environmentally friendly and, in many cases, have the additional benefit of supporting our community.

1. Local food or drinks. We’re fortunate to have some incredibly creative food artisans in our area, whose product lends charm to the sometimes boring and colourless starches of winter cooking. Consider making a little gift basket of some unique preserves or pantry item (e.g. kettle beans, spelt flour, organic garlic, infused oils, pickled asparagus or carrots), healing herbal teas, or locally roasted coffee, available at the Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market (open until December 21st), Wendy’s Country Market, Old Farm Fine Foods, and even Farm Boy (e.g. Dharani Teas and Herb Haven products).

2. Gift certificates for local services. Consider buying a yoga class for someone special, a reiki session, meditation class, or a fancy hair style! We have recommendations if you’d like a little support choosing the right fit for your gift recipient.

3. A donation to a local or international charity. Think about the recipient’s values and find a registered charity that might align with those. There are many organizations that support the environment, including the David Suzuki Foundation, Canadian Network for Human Health and the Environment or the Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health and the Environment. Consider Loving Spoonful for someone who advocates for local food security, or Breast Cancer Action Kingston if women’s health is a major focus. A few non-governmental organizations like Plan Canada, offer unique gifts for families in developing countries, including education for young girls, goats to sustain a family’s health and income, and chickens, for as little as $20. A quick google search may help you find the perfect organization to support.

4. Give an old fashioned I.O.U. that offers your support and attention to something that this person values… or really hates to do! This could range from babysitting, to bookkeeping or cleaning, and is a perfect gift to give from children and adults alike.

5. Plan a day trip with the gift recipient. There are so many wonderful places to visit in our area, whether for the outdoors person, avid shopper, or foodie. The Kingston Flying Club even offers sight-seeing tours from the air!


Dr. Sonya Nobbe, ND

Dr. Sonya Nobbe is a Naturopathic Doctor and Director of Kingston Integrated Healthcare Inc. She has been practicing in the Kingston area since 2007. Dr. Sonya maintains a family practice, with a clinical focus on complex chronic disease, including Lyme disease and Fibromyalgia.


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