Mindful Energy Exchanges


Being mindful.

A concept many of us have embraced.

Mindfulness is in fact a great tool to use to monitor your energy, and to help you understand where your energy goes and how to ensure that you aren’t depleting yourself unnecessarily.

Consider this – every single thing that you do in life is an energetic transaction. If the energetic transaction is balanced, or in your favour, then you come away feeling good, perhaps even recharged. If the transaction is not in your favour, if in fact you are gifting more energy than what you are receiving in return, then you may observe that you come away feeling low, drained, depleted.

Now, not all energy is created equal! Take a look at what I do for a living – I work with people energetically, helping to restore their flow and balance. I put a good deal of energy in to what I do, in the form of attention, love, compassion, and healing.  People don’t come to me to give equal amounts of attention and healing to me, and so to ensure that the energetic transaction is as balanced as possible I charge money for what I do. This is not the only option, but it is a simple one. ­­Money is energy. It takes energy to earn money, and money is one easy way that we as a society have chosen to bestow energetic value on goods and services.

Attention is energy. When you put your attention in to something energy is required. This something can be a creative project, a relationship, a job, your health, a home…anything. The return is often that which we create. The finished painting, the joyful partnership, a deeper breath, a job well done. When energy flows through attention to manifest a particular outcome, the product of that outcome can create a surge of energy that brings new life to a person.

So if you are stepping in to a more mindful way of being, try keeping a mindful eye on your energy. Observe those places where you feel balanced and restored, and those where you don’t. Let yourself ask questions about what could happen to make energy exchanges more balanced.  You might find the answers are pretty obvious and easy to change, or you might find that the situation is more complicated and the solutions not very straightforward. But one thing is for certain – nothing is going to change if you don’t give yourself the time, space and permission to notice what feels good, and what does not. It all starts with being mindful.

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