Naturopathic Perspective

This article is a continuation of “What is Naturopathic Medicine” in my December newsletter.  

Many people choose to develop a health partnership with an ND because they dislike the pharmaceuticals or surgery options offered by their family MD.  They are more comfortable with the concept of using something natural to cure their ailment.  However, becoming a naturopathic patient frequently involves more than subscribing to diet and lifestyle changes, or taking various supplements.  It gives you the freedom to view your health from an entirely different perspective and potentially achieve a wellness you never thought possible.    

The reason you caught your child’s cold this time but not last is a reflection of the millions of processes occurring in your body at any one moment.  These processes include the biochemical events generated by our thoughts and emotions.  It is well documented that emotions generate, and are generated by, numerous complicated reactions all over the mind and body.  Dr. Candace Pert wrote the book Molecules of Emotion, an account of her ground-breaking discovery in the 1970s that proves the physiological basis of emotion.  Dr. Pert has since published hundreds of scientific articles corresponding to the “emotion-carrying” chemicals that circulate in our blood and activate receptors located not only in our brain, but also in our immune system, nervous system, and endocrine system.  Emotions (and other “brain” functions like memory and learning) are undeniably whole-body experiences that significantly impact our physical health.   There is no disease that is not a product of one’s physical body and thoughts and emotions.  Consequently, whole healing requires a thorough analysis of symptoms in all parts of the mind, body, and spirit. 

Very few healthcare professionals are trained to medically assess all body systems and determine a root cause.  When you engage the services of an ND, you’re utilizing the expertise of an individual acknowledged by the Ontario government to help you put the pieces of your health into one congruent picture.  A Naturopathic Doctor will help you determine the way in which your body is imbalanced and work with you to encourage your body to heal itself.  After all, your body creates health on a daily basis and a person may choose to support this process, or else suppress illness after it occurs.  A slightly different perspective can result in drastic improvements.


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