Overweight? It’s Not Your Fault

~ Dr. Sonya Nobbe, ND

Dr. Natasha Turner, a well known Naturopathic Doctor in Toronto, wrote a series of books about weight-loss, including “The Hormone Diet”, in which she describes how to address hormone imbalances to lose weight. She recently appeared on the Dr. Oz show to discuss how to melt fat fast by re-setting your fat-burning hormones. You can view the show here.

This weight-loss science may seem new, but it is in fact a well known facet of nearly every holistic health philosophy, which is that all body systems work together to achieve health. If one hormone is out of whack, other hormones and indeed other systems such as the immune system and even emotional health are affected, and this impacts many health parameters, including weight. In her book, Dr. Turner says: “So many of us believe that we can get healthy by losing weight; the truth is, we must be healthy to lose weight.”

When exploring where your system is out of balance and how this is connected to difficulty losing weight, Naturopathic Doctors explore not only hormone balance, but also physical traumas that disrupt optimal body function, environmental toxins that disrupt hormone balance, emotional health including serotonin deficiencies, and food intolerances. We look at the big picture and refer you to the correct specialists for thorough healthcare.

If weight-loss is one of your goals this new year, I encourage you to move beyond the old counting calories approach and work to improve your body’s entire health, so that weight-loss comes naturally.

For more information about healthy weight and medical weight-loss, please see our educational brochure on our website, here.



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