Returning to Your Healing Roots

Many of us have personal experiences of hands-on healing, and certainly for me the profound healing I received from my mother in 2004 was a pivotal moment in my path to become an energy healer myself. For those that may not have a personal experience, you will likely still have heard stories, from friends and acquaintances, or from books and legends. Stories of the healing miracles fill religious texts. Whether or not you believe them, it is interesting to note how this element brings Christ, Muhammad, the Buddha, and other prophets, seers and sages together, allowing for the question to simply exist – is hands-on healing possible?

Of course I would not be writing this article if I had not found the answer that sits very comfortably with me. The question for me is not so much is it possible, but rather, how can we, in our human form, best facilitate healings for ourselves and others?

When I first learned Reiki over 10 years ago, I realized then that I had always been aware of some kind of healing energy in myself. Undoubtedly many of you have had similar experiences – the feeling of your hands getting warm and tingly when you apply them to soothe your child’s sore tummy, or of your own pain alleviating when you bring your hands to rest on an injury. Many of you are aware of this in a different way when in contact with others on a daily basis, and for a number of people that come to me to learn and to heal I hear complaints through which run a common concern.

“People are always telling me their problems, and I try to help but then I feel so drained.”
“I have a sick relative I take care of, and at the end of the day I have nothing left.”
“I work in healthcare and I feel like I’m always giving and giving and getting nothing back.”

We are all born with the ability to heal and to shine light. Unfortunately, in modern society, this ability is not recognized, and so we do not train or equip our children with the awareness of what it is and how to use it. So, like a disused muscle, this ability atrophies. But our desire to help and to heal is innate, so we reach out to help, calling on our energetic reserves to support each other. And herein lies the fast route to exhaustion! At any one moment we have a relatively limited supply of our own life force energy (qi or chi) and giving this energy, from ourselves to others, is not sustainable.

As a Reiki practitioner I do not call on my own energetic reserves to heal. Through the Reiki initiation and training process I channel healing energy from SOURCE, becoming a conduit for it. In this way when working with Reiki what I can offer to others is unlimited as it comes from the infinite supply of source, not from the finite supply of my own stores of qi.

Reiki is a beautiful tool that gives anyone the ability to work with healing energy from source. It is something that can be called on to heal oneself, or another, and even plants, places and animals. Learning Reiki changed my life right from the start, or rather returned me to the beginning of my life and the roots of my existence – of yours too – that sits right in the very heart of the universe.

If you are interested in learning a new way of being with healing, for yourself and for others, I still have spaces available in my Reiki Level One training weekend, November 11th and 12th. It is a truly profound and life-changing gift to give yourself!

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