Science, Energy Medicine, and EVERYTHING!

By Sarah Knight, PhD

Human beings are capable of many things. In each one of us exists the possibility to create works of art, run a business, fly a plane, earn a fortune, or lose a fortune! The choices that we make and the possibilities that we foster are often determined by circumstance. The country and family that we are born into, the teachers and other guides that we gravitate towards, and the opportunities that are presented to us along the way certainly play a very large role in how we play out our lifetimes.

Speaking from my own experience, as a scientist-turned-energy therapist, I know a little something about how diverse our abilities and passions can be. The “scientist” evolved from a possibility that existed within me, fostered by the social structure that I grew up in. I was born into a community where grown-ups had “careers” that seemed to involve a lot of education, and so I set about making one of these career thingies for myself. I pursued environmental science – specifically marine chemistry – with a passion, earning a PhD in that area and working for many years in an environmental research institute.

At some point in my science career I realized that I was not satisfied, and that I wanted to culture a new possibility. So I began my training in various energy healing modalities.

Now, as a practitioner of energy medicine, the scientist in me still has a place, and I have learned that multiple possibilities can exist side by side!

As a scientist I learned very early on that Einstein says E=mc2, where E=energy, m=mass, and c= the speed of light. As an energy healer I work on the premise that energy (E) and matter (m) are interchangeable, and that physical form is simply energy vibrating at a slow enough frequency to take on a “solid” appearance.

As a scientist I learned in high school physics that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. As an energy healer this law of physics also sits very well with me. I experience that we lifeforms come from a vast amount of potential universal energy that never changes in amount, only changes in expression, and for this moment in time, part of that expression is in the form that is me (and you, my dog, the willow tree in Lake Ontario park…etc). In this way I am connected to EVERYTHING in the universe. You are connected to EVERYTHING in the universe.


That’s big!

The possibilities are endless!

Energy medicine


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