Sound Healing – for Self-Healing and Transformation

crystalsingingbowlsBy Janice P Van Dijk

Similar to ripples on a pond, sound is a pressure wave created by a vibrating object. Sound (pleasant and unpleasant) surrounds us whether we hear it or not. We use sound through our communication (conversation, music, TV). Since we are primarily composed of water, we also feel the physical and emotional effects of sound as sound travels faster through water than in air. We notice these effects when we tune into our favourite music, lean against a party speaker, hear children laughing, and hear family, friends or co-workers arguing. Our bodies are powerful resonators of sound. Sound has subtle, but profound effects on our body/mind, and spirit. 

Almost all ancient cultures and indigenous peoples have used sound to heal (to become whole) and to transform. Cultures from around the world have been aware of how sound is attuned to the creative matrix of the universe and have used sound e.g., chanting mantras, to transform consciousness. As meditation and yoga grow more popular in western culture, sound healing is also becoming more recognized as an effective method for self-healing and transformation.

How exactly can sound be used for healing? Sound healing is application of sound frequencies to the body/mind with the intention to bring the body/mind to a state harmony/balance. This is based on the premise that everything in our world, including our body, vibrates at its natural frequency.

A healthy body is a fine-tuned orchestra. The cells of our body emit and receive various vibrations, frequencies, and bioelectric currents as the cells constantly communicate with one another, as well as with the outside world. At times our cells can lose their natural ability to effectively communicate i.e., the cells no longer resonate with each other, particularly when exposed to continual stress. If left unresolved, we become “out of tune”. The continual exposure to unhealthy vibrations often similar to the cells’ own natural frequencies may over time become unhealthy patterns of dis-harmony and potentially dis-ease. In 1655, Dutch scientist Christian Huygens observed this through the principle of entrainment.

In the 1950s, Dr Hans Jenny, first demonstrated how sound has the ability to structure physical matter (science of Cymatics). The natural frequencies of our body can be restored through the application of harmony, rhythm and pitch effects and musical intervals using sound instruments such as the drum, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, through the human voice (vocal toning, chanting, and mantras) and healing music. Through the principle of resonance, the use of natural sound frequencies can bring the body/mind back into harmony.

Sound also has an inherent transformative power. It can be used to restore harmony within our essence and the universe. Thus, sound/music when coupled with pure intention can re-awaken or transform one’s consciousness. When this occurs, we have stepped into a powerful state of positive possibilities for self-healing body/mind, emotion and spirit.

By Janice P Van Dijk

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