The Constellation of Your Family

I stepped in to the centre of the circle of people and my posture changed immediately. I slouched, my toes turned inward, and my gaze shifted fearfully towards the floor as I stood several paces away from both my “husband” and my “daughter”. My body became very much aware of a need to get her as close to me as possible, while steering well clear of his strong presence.

I was not actually married to this man, I’d only just met him earlier that day, but we had both been asked by the young woman to step in to the roles of her parents, in a process known broadly as “Family Constellations”. We were given no information, but such is the experience of a participant who is willing to just follow the lead of their own body in a Family Constellations workshop. As it turned out, we were embodying her parents pretty accurately, and through the careful lead of the facilitator this young woman gained some great insights, and likely took a bit of a leap in her own healing journey, as the constellation revealed clues as to how her family imprint holds her back. 

Developed by the German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger in the 1990’s, the therapeutic approach of Family Constellations is now facilitated by thousands of practitioners all over the world. The premise behind this work is that we are each the energetic product of the total sum of our ancestors, and of what is then supported to grow and bloom, or shrink and wither, in our early years and throughout our lives with our family of origin.  From our ancestors, and through the nature of our upbringing, we can gain great resources, but also carry many unresolved traumas. The work of Family Constellations is very powerful in revealing the root source of self-harming behaviours, negative programmes and thought processes, and states of physical and mental disease. Not only is information brought to the surface, but with that incredible healing is capable, through energetic reconciling facilitated by both body movements and spoken words, as guided by a trained facilitator.

This work can be done one-on-one or as part of a workshop setting, with workshops bringing in the added bonus of a tremendous feeling of support from, and connection with, the other participants. If you’d like to give it a try then now is the time, as experienced Family Constellations facilitator and teacher Johanna Lynn comes to Kingston for a workshop, September 28th (evening) and September 29th (all day). It really is an experience to be experienced! Having recently completed the Family Constellations facilitation training programme with Johanna I am also now offering one-on-one sessions as a part of my practice here at KIHC.

For more information on the upcoming workshop “Resolve: Stop Patterns and Start Living” visit, and if you’d like more information on working through your constellation with me in a private session please do get in touch at

Sarah Knight, PhD
Reiki Master, Bioenergy Practitioner, and Family Constellations Facilitator at KIHC

Energy medicine, Mental health


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