“If we all did the things we are really capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”
Thomas A. Edison

Yes. I absolutely believe this to be true. The Possibility Project Podcast is my latest exploration in to this largely undiscovered territory of the miracle of all that we could be.

We are made of the stuff of seemingly infinite possibility. From one cell, we become 26 billion by the time that we are born. From that one cell, the information that it contains, and the energetic environment that it is left stewing in, we become creatures of incredible complexity. Even now, in the approximately 30 trillion cellular mass that you are, you lose and create over 50 billion cells every single day. Our bodies hum with the power and possibility of infinite creation.

And yet, we spend most of our lives narrowly focused on feelings of impossibility. Our thoughts circle endlessly around stories of lack and all that we are not capable of. We keep ourselves stuck in roles that drain our life force energy, because we believe that is all that we are able for. We obey the rules, stay stuck and controlled, and leave the dreaming to other people. We see a lucky few (who are rich/beautiful/smart/etc enough) create their own worlds (and often ours), while we just continue to let the world around us define and limit us.

But now, we are living in a time where the world that we have (mostly unconsciously) created is throwing it back at us, and showing us, very clearly, that we are better than that. It isn’t taking this low-class version of living from us anymore. Our over-consuming, under-connected, over-fed, under-nourished lifestyles have created a lot of suffering in the world, and there’s no more corners to hide this suffering in. The corners are full. The lots are full.  There is no more room to park anything. Suffering is everywhere.

And so now, there are two choices. We can either continue to believe the story that we are not capable of anything better, OR we can choose a new story. The story that Thomas Edison knew in every cell of his body, and the one that he chose to continue to believe in even after his invention of the lightbulb was slammed by some of the leading scientists of the time, who predicted it would be a “conspicuous failure” and that is was an invention “unworthy of the attention of practical or scientific men”. Imagine our present time if he had of chosen their story, and let his light be snuffed?

Just think for a moment what the world could look like if we all tapped into our largely unharnessed creative potential and used that force for the highest good of humankind and our earth? Take a minute, and really ask that question deep inside your own knowingness. Because inside of you there is a spark of light that knows that there is nothing that is not possible. Beyond the stories, the programmes, and yes even the real-life traumas, the essence of you is pure possibility.

The Possibility Podcast is only just beginning, but I invite you to join me as I talk to healers, scientists, dreamers, politicians, journalists, and teachers and knowledge sharers of all kinds about what is really possible in all of us, and for all of us, in these challenging times of our changing climate.

There is so much beauty, so much creation, and so much possibility, in our world. In me, and in YOU.



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