Workshop: Songs for Warriors

Learn to exult in the sharing of song, the beat of a drum, and the sounds of harmony. While not pretending to teach professional songwriting, with these workshops it is hoped that something will be conveyed of the spirit of bringing feelings to collective expression. Music and song heal. Music can be used to express joy, sorrow, pain, sympathy for others and grief for what has been lost. In the freeing up and sharing of voice in harmony and rhyme, layers and wellsprings of the self and its thoughts and feelings can be opened up and communicated. Examples of forms that can be put into song are prayer, mantra, Buddhist sayings (Lojong), hymns, and chants.

This workshop has been specifically developed for men who have been wounded in the line of duty, whether civic or military. Some examples of positive and healing song will be demonstrated in sessions, drawing sometimes from the works of known musicians and artists, Beat poets, Buddhist saints, or religious traditions. More well-known examples include George Harrison’s My Sweet Lord, John Lennon’s Across the Universe, Bob Dylan’s Slow Train Coming, or Simon and Garfunckle’s El Condor Pasa.

Workshops start Sunday evenings, Jan. 26th from 7 to 9 p.m. and run through Feb 2nd, 9th, & 16th. Participants can attend individual sessions if they choose or the series. The series costs $150 and each session costs $40. Workshops are given by Ron Irwin, Ph.D., a practicing psychotherapist and counsellor in downtown Kingston. To register email to


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