Inspirational Women’s Weekend Getaways

Introducing Bliss B4 Laundry, a small group of women who expertly create inspirational getaways that are comfortable, community-oriented, and economical!

Dr. Sonya is pleased to be facilitating a dynamic and interactive workshop about overcoming fatigue, at their June 12th weekend retreat in Perth. Please visit their website for details.

From their website:

Our mission is simple: we want to help.

Life has thrown us some curveballs. We all have to deal with them at some point. And thank goodness we do.

Some people choose to look at life’s curveballs as a negative thing. We actually treasure the hard stuff. Because it was that hard stuff that led us to Bliss B4 Laundry.

Our vision for Bliss B4 Laundry involves reaching as many Canadians as we can with a simple reminder to step back from the busy and overwhelming hamster wheel we sometimes find ourselves on – and instead – take a breather.

The events we create at Bliss ask us all to stand with the squeaky wheel silenced. Just stand and listen. Reconnect. Remember. Rediscover.

Because it is during these ‘pauses’ in life that we regain focus. We listen to our heartsong. We reconnect with what makes us truly happy. We heal.