Our Rates

If you’re not sure which practitioner or medicine will be your best partner in health, please call to schedule a complimentary 15-minute introductory appointment with any of our practitioners.

Our services are not covered by OHIP, however many extended health plans will reimburse you for our professional services. Prices do not include HST. We gratefully accept Visa, Mastercard, Cash, and Cheque, except where noted otherwise. Please provide at least 24 hours business-day cancellation notice so that we may offer your appointment space to someone else, or a 50% late cancellation fee will apply.

Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Sonya Nobbe, ND

Dr. Holly WhiteKnight, ND

Dr. Angela Hunt, ND


First appointments generally last 60 to 90 minutes and may involve a physical exam and laboratory testing. Follow-up appointments generally last between 15 and 45 minutes and will be recommended according to your particular health requirements.

Introductory meeting15 minutesComplimentary
First consultation60-90 minutes$170
First consultation for children (12 and under)30-60 minutes$150
Follow-up consultationComprehensive follow-up$150
Extended follow-up$110
Follow-up (up to 30 minutes)$85
Telephone consultationVariable
Laboratory TestingPlease contact us for detailsVariable

Consultation fees do not include the cost of prescription items or laboratory tests, as these are recommended on an individual basis. Services provided by Naturopathic Doctors are exempt from HST.


Christine Campbell, MScPT


Introductory meeting15 minutesComplimentary
First assessment and treatment60 minutes$90
Follow-up treatment30 minutes$60
Follow-up assessment and treatment60 minutes$90

Services provided by Registered Physiotherapists are exempt from HST.

Registered Massage Therapy

Joel Ackerman, RMT, BSSc


For new clients or existing clients with new injuries, please allow some extra time in your schedule for a 15 minute health assessment in addition to your massage time.

Introductory meeting15 minutesComplimentary
Therapeutic massage120 minutes$155
90 minutes$125
60 minutes$85
Pregnancy massage60 minutes$85
CranioSacral Therapy60 minutes$85


Jianmin (Jamie) Xu, R.Ac


Introductory meeting15 minutesComplimentary
First consultation and treatment60-90 minutes$120
Follow-up treatment45 minutes$75
60 minutes$90
Cupping Therapy30 minutes$65

For acupuncture services by your Naturopathic Doctor, please see the fee schedule above under Naturopathic Medicine. Acupuncture services by Registered Acupuncturists (R.Ac) and Naturopathic Doctors (ND) are exempt from HST.

Holistic Nutrition

Courtney O’Connor, RHN


Introductory meeting15 minutesComplimentary
First consultation60 minutes$85
Follow-up consultation45 minutes$75
3 month beginner's package4 sessions$279
Thriving Child series3 sessions$212

Please visit our blog for more information about the Thriving Child series.

Reiki and Bioenergy

Sarah Knight, PhD, RM, EuBP


Introductory meeting15 minutesComplimentary
First assessment and treatment75-90 minutes$95
Follow-up treatment60-75 minutes$80
Bioenergy program4 session intensive$300


Lindsay Dupuis, MA


Introductory meeting15 minutesComplimentary
First consultation50 minutes$95
Follow-up consultation50 minutes$95

Packages, Programs, and Workshops

Many of our workshops are free and open to the public. Our care packages currently include programs for weight loss, smoking cessation, detoxification, and stress reduction. Please sign up for our free email newsletter (left margin) or contact us directly to be informed about current workshops and promotions.