Breathe to Heal Workshop

Breathe to HealChristine Campbell, Registered Physiotherapist and Lisa Sabatini, Reiki Master and Mindfulness instructor, come together in this unique breathing workshop: Breathe to Heal.

Breathing is the key to your well-being! Key concepts and techniques combined from Physiotherapy, Energy Medicine and Mindfulness practices.


Your breath has an important part to play in your physical, mental, and emotional health. In this workshop we will examine – and even measure – how your breathing is affecting your physical body, your nervous system and your wellbeing.

Learn practical tools and take home practices to improve your health and support your healing with breathwork.


Breathe to Heal workshop runs in-person for 1 hour on Wednesday evenings for 3 weeks in February, with an optional sign-up for an additional week of breath and movement / yoga poses at the end of the 3 weeks.


Wednesday February 8th 2023, 6-7pm

Wednesday February 15th, 6-7pm

Wednesday February 22nd, 6-7pm


This event is open to everyone (you don’t have to be a KIHC client) – but we are limiting it to 10 people.

Located upstairs at Kingston Integrated Healthcare.

$75 investment for all 3 dates. (Optional additional class for breathwork and movement $20.) Purchase tickets online at EventBrite, or contact Lisa or Christine for details.


Session 1: Why Breathing Matters

Our breath and breathing pattern directly impacts our health and healing. We’ll compare an ideal breathing pattern to a dysfunctional breathing pattern, and explore the symptoms you might notice with altered breathing. We’ll guide you through a mindful practice to develop awareness of how you are breathing. During each of the three sessions we will take measurements, such as O2 saturation and respiratory rate, to track physical changes and your progress over 3 weeks.

Session 2: Breathing Practice & Tools

This practical session focuses on solutions to common breathing problems. We’ll reflect on what participants noticed from the first session and move into techniques to help address breathing problems. We’ll explore practical breathing exercises to help your body shift into a more optimal breathing pattern.

Session 3: Integration

Using what you learned in the first two sessions, we’ll more deeply explore how your breath impacts your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. We want participants to leave with greater awareness of how to use their breath to promote whole-body health and healing.


Additional Resources:

The Self Evaluation of Breathing Questionnaire (SEBQ): A standardized tool used to screen for dysfunctional breathing

The Sniff Test: A Breath of Fresh Air, by Christine Campbell, Physiotherapist



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