Communication, Healing, Quantum Science, and Interconnectedness: Lisa Sabatini and Sarah Knight in conversation

Podcast Lisa Sabatini

An extract from the Possibility Project Podcast.

Sarah Knight: You haven’t always done this work. Where did you come from and what brought you into doing healing work?

Lisa Sabatini: I originally came from journalism and communications – I was a journalist for many years, I produced television. I like to explain it this way…journalism is about research but communication is about taking the things in journalism that might be really complex and making them relatable and clear. I feel like everything around us is communication, even healing and the work that we do, is very much about communication. Communicating with ourselves, our bodies, our emotions, our thoughts, our spirit – that is our beliefs – and even with nature. How we communicate with the world around us and how the world around us communicates with us.

Sarah: Yes, I love that you say that, everything is communication. It reminds me of something I heard through Bruce Lipton’s “The Biology of Belief”. It’s the interface that matters, so really that phase of belief. How are we engaging with the experience? Not actually what the experience is, or even physiologically what our body wants to do with it, but how are we are engaging with the experience. So what you say about communication and the vital role that it plays as this interfacing mechanism between everything that goes on inside of us and outside of, and how the two bridge together.

Lisa: And yes, I love looking at things that way. When we are talking about healing and talking about why…why do I do anything? It has always been fascinating to me how we communicate, how we understand and how we take that into an experience and then embody that experience into our lives. And so for me…why healing? I feel like that is when we really start to understand ourselves and the world around us and our experiences in a beautiful, healthy and loving way, rather than through fear and pain. And so it is a fundamental shift in how we show up in our lives for ourselves and everyone else. And so that drives me, that really drives me.



Energy medicine, Shamanic Healing


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