Energy Intensive Program (Getting Unstuck)

The Energy Intensive “Getting Unstuck” program consists of four Bioenergy healing sessions with Sarah, conducted within a 4-10 day time period. It is designed to work deeply on every level. By conducting repeat sessions within a relatively short span of time, layers of emotional/physical/energetic stagnation can be worked through, to get to the root of an issue.

What to expect:
Generally, many people feel immediate improvement upon starting the program. In all cases the shifts in energy take some time to fully move through the body and mind. This means that often the week after completing the healing sessions is also one where continued releasing and healing is experienced, and for several weeks afterwards sensations and changes may still be experienced. A review is recommended approximately 4-6 weeks after completing the block of sessions to ascertain if any further energy healing is desired/required at that time.

What the intensive energy exercise is not:
• It is not Magic.
• It is not only for people who “know” what is going on, nor is it only for people who can “feel” their own energy.
• It is not an entirely passive experience on the part of the client.
• It is not a standalone, cure-all solution. No amount of energy healing can negate ongoing, toxic influences. Patterns of behaviour, diet, environment, and relationships are just some things that often need to be considered for deep, lasting healing. However, this program will support deep understanding, decision making, and the ability to take action.

What the intensive is:
• It is a process where the client participates in their own healing.
• It is a completely facilitated process, which does NOT require any deep knowing or awareness on the part of the client. All that is required is to be open to whatever presents itself.
• It is a safe way to explore buried, or held, feelings – emotional and physical. Nothing will happen during a session that the individual isn’t ready for.
• Good for people who feel “stuck”, or feel like there is something more going on than just their physical symptoms, and for whom traditional efforts have not offered the deeper insight or healing that they are looking for.

Depending on the individual:
• It may be a tool to help increase awareness of what intuition and/or the body is saying.
• It may be an exercise in which the client learns about the impacts of emotional, intellectual and energetic aspects on physical health.

Practical details:
If you are interested in this program a 15 minute complimentary introduction is recommended with Sarah, to determine the best course of action for you. Thereafter, in consultation with Sarah, four 60-90 minute sessions will be booked either on sequential days, or with a maximum of 1-3 days in between each session. It is recommended that this program is conducted during a period of time when you can be gentle with yourself, resting and taking time for you, as required.
Total cost for the program is $300 + HST.

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